The Kitasato Medical Journal
Vol. 42 Supplement   Mar. 2013    Kitasato Medical Society
ISSN (Print):1349-8568   ISSN (Online):2187-9699
The opening of a new era in cardiology: preface to Professor Izumi's retirement symposium
Masafumi Kitakaze 1
Review and Comment
Myocarditis: past, present and future
Akira Matsumori 3
Reply from the next generation: "myocarditis"
Mototsugu Nishii 8
Cardiomyopathies: retrospective and perspective
Bernhard Maisch 10
Cardiomyopathy as though it were a matryoshka doll
Makoto Kodama 19
Heart failure-lessons learned and evolving concepts
Peter Liu 20
Heart failure management as a social activity in the clinical front of real-world practice
Takayuki Inomata 24
Heart failure and myocardialdiseases: a message to the next generation
Cardiovascular disease prevention: lessons from heart failure
Tohru Izumi 26
Reply from the next generation
Cardiovascular prevention: lessons from myocardial disease and heart failure
Minako Yamaoka-Tojo 35
In recognition of the achievements of Professor Tohru Izumi
Ryozo Nagai 37
Curriculum Vitae
Tohru Izumi 38
Representative Publications
Tohru Izumi 39
Information for Authors 52